Aug 292015

Frequency Martial Arts Frank Zimmerman

It’s important to know who you are training with and today in the Frequency Martial Arts Spotlight we are featuring Frank Zimmerman, originally from Detroit, Michigan now residing in Danvers, Illinois.

Rank: Blue Belt
Profession: Minister

Why You Train BJJ/How Has BJJ Improved Your Life?

Destruction of the ego and self improvement and cardio activity


What Do You Like To Do BESIDES Training BJJ? 


Favorite Vacation Spot: Any national park

Do You Have Any Pets? No, too busy training!

Favorite Restaurant: Gibson City Bayern Stube

Favorite Food that YOU cook:  German Rolladen

Come train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Frank Zimmerman and the rest of the team at Frequency Martial Arts where you’ll not only meet new people and make new friends, but you’ll learn more about yourself through the training that you put in on the mats.


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