Nov 052017

cropped-Frequency-Martial-Arts-black-background-5.jpgAre you in need of a date night or need to take care of you holiday planning?

Frequency Martial Arts will be hosting a PIZZA LOCK-IN PARTY on SATURDAY DECEMBER 9 from 4 to 8:30p.  So if you’d like to take in a movie, enjoy a dinner out on the town or just use the time to have a few hours to take care of your holiday planning, simply register your child for the event.

We’ll have games, activities, pizza, a movie and snacks!  Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing for the obstacle course and games. 

This lock-in is open to all children between the ages of 5 and 14, including siblings and friends!  Your child does not need to be a student to participate.

The registration fees are $20.00 for the first child, $15.00 for the second child and $10 for the third child (from the same house) ages 5 to 14.

Register by 9p DECEMBER 8th and have your child bring their participation form and waiver with them to the lock in.  If your child attended a previous lock-in, we have their information on file and we do not require a duplicate form.

Invite your siblings and friends as we will give away a $25.00 gift card to the student that brings the most friends.  Your child will attend for free when they have TWO friends register for the pizza party.

Payments can be made at Frequency Martial Arts or through our on-line store once you have registered below, but must be made by 9p DECEMBER 8th.


Oct 312017

 Robson Moura Bloomington Illinois Workshop BJJFrequency Martial Arts is proud to have Master Robson Moura come to Bloomington, Illinois to share his knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Saturday December 2 from 1-3p.

This event is open to anyone that trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and space is limited.

Secure your spot now when you make an on-line payment of $90.00 before November 25th as the price will go up to $100.00 the week of the workshop.

Book your spot now!

Oct 182017

Kenny Florian: Jiu-Jitsu One Of The Best Ways To Deal With Chaos In Life

Frequency Martial Arts BJJ Jiu Jitsu Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian — UFC color commentator, former UFC fighter, and third-degree BJJ black belt — is opening up a new school.


Simple. Because he loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu. For him, BJJ is so much more than choking people out or forcing them to tap; it is a way to deal calmly and effectively with the chaos of our world.

“My partner in Meraki Jason Hunt and I decided to open Meraki Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because we love to teach and have benefited so much from the lessons martial arts has given us,” Florian told the Jiu-Jitsu Times via email. “One of the best ways to be able to deal with the chaos that life throws our way is to simply have practice dealing with chaos in various forms.
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Jul 232017

Ladies, self-defense begins long before an attack happens and the staff at Frequency Martial Arts wants you to know how to protect yourself.  During this 3-hour workshop, you and your friends will learn self-defense concepts that will build your confidence and you will know how to respond when you are faced with threatening situations.  In addition, you will learn  behaviors as well as concepts  that will help you avoid and escape dangerous situations.

The workshop will be lead by Instructor Michael Donovan, who is a 4th-degree Karate Black Belt, a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a USYKA certified Karate instructor.

This is a hands-on class for females 12-years of age or older, so please wear comfortable clothes. Those between 12 and 17 must be accompanied by a parent.

Saturday September 30 from 9:00AM – 12:00PM
Doors Open at 8:30AM for check-in
Space is reserved for the first 40 participants.


Reserve your spot now for only $20.00


Jul 062017


Samurai Business Man Destroys Competition By Training Employees In BJJ –

I expected to wait. I expected to be put off and have my call screened. After all, I was asking to speak to Brent Lillard, CEO of multi-million dollar IT company GovSmart. Lillard’s company was named the fastest-growing business in Charlottesville, VA two years in a row.


When I called to speak to the man, I had to be creative to get through. When his staff on the other end of the phone asked who I was, I said “Rickson Gracie.” I was met with immediate laughter from the gatekeeper and a quick callback from Brent Lillard. He laughed and told me my creativity paid off, “that was a great way to get a call back from me,” and that he was happy to hear from me and talk some BJJ.  

GovSmart CEO Brent Lillard credits much of the success of his business to BJJ. (He is a Pedro Sauer purple belt (soon to be brown) who has been training for 10 years.)

The benefits to the company have been endless, said Lillard. Executive leaders like Purple Belt Adam Deane, BJJ Black Belt and Account Manager Shaun Kennedy have used this martial art as a stress management tool; honing their ability to make quick decisions under pressure. BJJ helps staff keep their cool and get the job done.  Joe Rogan did a masterful job of describing the benefits of providing corporate wellness to your employees, particularly in terms of stress management, in his interview with Stephanie Daniel’s:

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May 262017

This article was originally posted on MARCH 31, 2016 on

5 Ways For White Belts to Measure Their Progress

by Jerri Tusi


The first six months of training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be both rewarding and frustrating. The rewarding aspects of training include getting fit, meeting new people, and learning a new skill and art. The frustrating parts of the early stages of training include being overwhelmed with information, not getting a complete grasp of the fundamentals, issues with conditioning and an inability to execute what you drilled in live rolling situations. If you have felt this way during the early part of your BJJ journey, then that means you are completely normal. Training in BJJ is a very slow grind with many plateaus, especially when you are first starting out. Here are 5 quick ways to measure your progress during the early months of your training so you can gauge your slow and steady progress.

Being able to complete all of the warm-up exercises: This is actually a big accomplishment for many people who aren’t natural athletes or weren’t regularly exercising prior to starting BJJ. Warm-ups at BJJ academies can range from 5 to 20 minutes and include jogging, stretching, body weight exercises, and agility drills. This can be overwhelming for new students who are learning new exercises like gator walks, army crawls, bear crawls, shrimping, and technical stand ups while trying to catch their breath and not wanting to look slow or silly in front of their training partners. Once you can get through all of the warm up exercises, you can challenge yourself by continually refining your form and trying to complete the exercises at a faster pace to improve your conditioning.

Executing techniques drilled in class while rolling: Live rolling in class can be very intimidating for a new white belt. Your playbook is limited and you are going to find yourself playing defense from bad positions including mount and back control. After several weeks, your gas tank and comfort level will improve. Relax and realize it is just training and fun. Try to setup and execute what you drilled in class. It doesn’t have to be a spectacular submission. It can be as simple as recovering half-guard from being mounted or correctly defending against choke. As long as the movements are technical and based on the instruction you received in class, it is all progress.

Getting submitted fewer times by mat bully: At many gyms, there is a student that eats white belts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During a five-minute roll, this student will mercilessly tap you ten times and leave you gasping for air and lying in a pool of your own sweat. Over time, the number of times this mat bully will tap you will go down to nine, then eight and so on. Did the bully develop a heart and go easy on you? Nope, your defense just improved.

Attending one additional class: You started with two to three classes per week. After each class, you were tired, sore, and wondering what you got yourself into. It took at least a day or two to recover from your workouts before you could get back on the mats. Over time, your body got stronger from the training and your passion has grown. Taking on one additional class is a 25% to 50% increase in your training capacity. That is a major improvement in both time and dedication and your skills will improve with the increase in time and effort.

Rolling one extra round during open mat: Choosing to attend an additional class is a conscious decision when you are fresh and your mind is clear. Choosing to roll an extra round when you are already drained, beat up, and have the option to relax against the mat is a very difficult mental and physical hurdle to overcome. The ability to decide to go one extra round when you first start training is a sign of both progress and toughness since you pushing pass your normal level of tolerance and testing your limits. It is a noteworthy achievement that shouldn’t be understated as you improve your cardio, become more efficient in your techniques, and build up your confidence on the mats.


Start your journey to a healthier and better life when you set up your free trial at Frequency Martial Arts!

Jan 152017

At Frequency Martial Arts, we want you to know the people that are going to help you become a better version of yourself.

In this latest update, we put the spotlight on Ed LeMonnier.

Where are you originally from and what brought you to Central Illinois?

I am from Tinley Park, IL and I came to Normal, IL in 1997 when I transferred to Illinois State University.

Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? I have 2 rescue dogs: Jett and Cabo.

Where do you work? Magic 99.5 where I am on-air and I also sell advertising and promotional partnerships to help businesses grow.

What was the first Album/Tape/CD that you purchased? QUIET RIOT – METAL HEALTH on Cassette 

What was the last movie you watched at home? ICE AGE 2


If you could have ONE season to live in for all 12-months, which would you choose? SUMMER!

What are your three favorite activities to do when you are not training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Time with family, Barbecuing and reading.

What charity are you the most passionate about?

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life

Which restaurants in Bloomington-Normal make it into your Top 3? DR. McKay’s, CJ’s Restaurant and Caffe Italia

How long have you been training at Frequency Martial Arts and why did you decide on training here?

Ever since it opened -but I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2007. Why? I took over the school from the previous owner who was going to close.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu changed my life and I know it can improve the lives of anyone who steps on the mats.  I couldn’t see the gym and affiliation going away.

What is your favorite jiu jitsu move right now? Butterfly Sweep.

What is your favorite vacation destination? Florida.

Any hobbies or talents that you’d like to share? Build Lego sets with my daughters. 

Jan 122017

As a father of two daughters (soon to be 9 and 6) who have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I know the benefits that they will obtain from not just training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but training against boys in class.

In the beginning, there is an intimidation factor. This is true for anyone trying something new within a group setting with people who have been doing the activity longer than they have; whether it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Cross-Fit, Gymnastics, Dance, Painting or taking guitar lessons. As they spend more time on the mats, they become more comfortable, the intimidation factor is gone and they can’t imagine not being on the mats.
When it comes to the self-defense aspect, we live in a world filled with bullies and not only will my daughters face on-line and verbal bullies, but I know that the sad reality is that my daughters are more likely to be physically attacked by a male than a female. I want them to be able to remain calm and know that their training will help keep them safe.

Now I could go on and on, but there are plenty of articles on-line that share the benefits girls and women receive from training Brazilian Jiu Jistu .

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Jan 092017

At Frequency Martial Arts, we want you to know the people that are going to help you become a better version of yourself.

In this latest update, we put the spotlight on Doug Kimball.

Where are you originally from and what brought you to Central Illinois?

Born in Minneapolis, have lived in MN, WI, MI, GA, PA, and now – Illinois, thanks to both college and jobs.

Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? Cat and Dog – who more or less tolerate each other.

Where do you work? JDA Software – supply chain provider

What was the first Album/Tape/CD that you purchased? Styx – Serpent

What was the last movie you watched at home?Jason Bourne

At the theatre? The Magnificent 7

If you could have ONE season to live in for all 12-months, which would you choose? Fall

What are your three favorite activities to do when you are not training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Reading, working out, time with family

What charity are you the most passionate about?

Special Olympics

Which restaurants in Bloomington-Normal make it into your Top 3? Biaggis, Alexanders, Logans

How long have you been training at Frequency Martial Arts and why did you decide on training here?

Ever since it opened -but was training before it became FMA. Why? Great instructors, flexible times to train, my ability to contribute and learn by teaching.

What is your favorite jiu jitsu move right now? Is tapping a good move? Overall, bow and arrow choke.

What is your favorite vacation destination? Mexico. Any place with a beach and fruity tropical drinks. Where I can take my 100 days of vacation that Mike thinks I have.

Any hobbies or talents that you’d like to share? I can juggle. And, walk and talk while chewing gum.

Jan 072017

Doug Kimball had been down near Belleville, Illinois to visit family during the holidays and he came back with this great article by Mary Cooley in the November 14, 2016 Belleville-News Democrat.

Teen is beginner in jiu-jitsu, but he’s already earned a sponsor

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