The American Cancer Society and Relay For Life of McLean County saved the life of my wife.  Money raised right here in our community went to fund research on the drug Herceptin that was new in 2008, when it was given to her to battle the Stage 4 cancer when it returned in October of 2008, just six-month after we welcomed our first child into our lives.  I am very grateful to say that her doctors gave her a clean bill of health in 2013, but we still continue to raise funds to help find a cure.

Until then, here are just a few of the ways money raised is put to use, besides funding research:

$50 could provide patients and caregivers with free lodging when they have to travel for cancer treatments.

$35 could provide round-trip treatment transportation for a patient in need.

$20 could provide free access to 24-hour support.

Right now, Frequency Martial Arts has a special offer to help Relay For Life of McLean County surpass their goal of $300,000:  Now through July 31, enrollment packages are 50% off AND that will be donated to Relay For Life of McLean County in your name!





Discover Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Can Benefit Your Life and help you be a better person

First, you do not need to be in shape or have any prior experience to start training.  You will get in shape and gain experience by coming to our classes.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the perfect way to “unplug”.

As adults, we have responsibilities and sometimes these responsibilities act like a vise.  We need to be able to leave work at work and unwind.  Sure you can unwind on the couch, having a few drinks while watching a game on the flatscreen, but what is that doing for your physical and mental health?

Reduce stress while getting in a real workout as you open your mind to knew ideas as certified instructors show you the basic concepts of the techniques that you can and will modify to make your own.

Here At Frequency Martial Arts You Will Be Learning REAL BJJ from a CERTIFIED Black Belt Instructor.


Here Are Just a Few Benefits You Can Expect When You Start Training With Us

  • Get In Amazing Shape While Having FUN At The Same Time
  • Gain Confidence Knowing You Can Handle Stressful Situations – comes in handy when needing to give presentations or asking for that raise.
  • Learn Self-Defense In a Safe Environment
  • Meet New Friends And Most Important Have FUN !

You Do Not Need Any Prior Experience and You Do Not Need To Be In Shape… We Will Help You Reach Your Goals No Matter Where You Are Starting From…

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