Sep 022017

cropped-Frequency-Martial-Arts-black-background-5.jpgAre you in need of a date night?

Frequency Martial Arts will be hosting a PIZZA LOCK-IN PARTY on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16 from 5 to 9:30p.  So if you’d like to take in a movie, enjoy a dinner out on the town or just use the time to have a few hours to yourself, simply register your child for the event.

We’ll have games, activities, pizza, a movie and snacks!

This lock-in is open to all children between the ages of 5 and 14, including siblings and friends!  Your child does not need to be a student to participate.

The registration fees are $20.00 for the first child, $15.00 for the second child and $10 for the third child (from the same house) ages 5 to 14.

Register by 9p SEPTEMBER  15 and have your child bring their participation form and waiver with them to the lock in.  If your child attended a previous lock-in, we have their information on file and we do not require a duplicate form.

Invite your siblings and friends as we will give away another $25.00 gift card to the student that brings the most friends.

Payments can be made at Frequency Martial Arts or through our on-line store once you have registered below, but must be made by 9p SEPTEMBER  15.


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