Sep 242015

Frequency Martial Arts Jeff Mitchell Sept 10 11 2015 17Thank you to everyone that came out to learn from Professor Jeff Mitchell who took the time from his school and family in Newark, Delaware to travel to Bloomington to share his knowledge with us during his visit.

Seminars are a great way to improve your game, plus it gives you the opportunity to train with other individuals that you may not get to train with on a regular basis.  Another great thing about seminars, and it may sound a little strange: the lessons you learn every week are reinforced by the visiting Professor.

Two topics that Professor Mitchell discussed that stick out as perfect examples were on the topics of DRILLING and SPARRING.  You need to drill slowly to build up your muscle memory so you can increase your speed and explosiveness.  The other was when it’s time to drill, start in a position.  Don’t spend the first half of the round dancing around or just “locking horns”.  Start in a position and work to improve or escape.

I know this is stuff that our very own Black Belt, Mike Lavazza, has been drilling into us for a long time.  Sometimes you just need to hear it from somebody else for it to truly sink in.

While we spent a lot of time on the mats training, I was also fortunate enough to spend time with Professor Mitchell away from the school.  We talk a lot about training, advice for teaching the kids class, and the ability to have an open mind when it comes to seeing a different take on a technique that you may already be familiar with.

We are always learning and we are always helping each other get better.

Thank you for supporting the seminar and for training with your teammates every week.

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