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Frequency Martial Arts DDP YOGA 01 BeforeEverybody wants results, but not everybody wants to put in the work to obtain the results.

This photo was taken after I had already lost 50 pounds from training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but as I started to become more focused on competing in the various tournaments, I needed to be able to do something to help me lose weight without beating up my body.  I was eating healthier and training BJJ several times a week, but I knew that there were other ways I could be cross-training to improve my cardio, flexibility, strength and my focus.

Yes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does all of that, but I needed something I could do when there wasn’t anyone else to train with; that would still push me.

I had always been a fan of Diamond Dallas Page and we connected on December 31, 2011 to discuss my goals and his DDP YOGA program.

Frequency Martial Arts DDP YOGA 01 8 weeksThe key is that YOU have to take ownership of your life.

YOU need to put in the hard work.  YOU need to change your diet.  YOU need to hold YOURSELF accountable.

I continued to train Brazilian Jiu Jits several times a week and I was doing DDP YOGA in the mornings before I started my work day.  The photo to the left was taken EIGHT-WEEKS into the program.

After this photo was taken, I received a call from DDP.  He wanted to know EVERYTHING that I was doing.  Was I using fat burners? Was I wearing a sweat suit? Was I doing any other form of exercise?  I thought I was going to get hit with a Diamond Cutter!

I told DDP I was doing his program in the morning, training BJJ at night and following 3 of the Frequency Martial Arts DDP YOGA Atlanta Pictraining sessions with another short DDP YOGA workout. I was making it my own, as he likes to say.  He said the team was impressed and wanted to fly me out to Atlanta, GA to record my story.

Well, this photo to the left was taken roughly THREE months into the program during my visit in Atlanta. I had cleaned up my diet, was going to bed at respectable hours, waking up to do my DDP YOGA and continued to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  My energy levels were through the roof and I wasn’t stressed out.

I am now working on getting my certification for DDP YOGA and I will now be offering classes at Frequency Martial Arts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30-6:30a.  That’s right, you will get a KICK ASS workout in under 60-minutes without beating up your body!

You MUST sign up in advance and bring your heart rate monitor with you as that will be key to your success with the program.   Contact me now to get started down the road so you can #OwnYourLife!


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