Mar 252015

Frequency Martial Arts DDP

Own Your Life.

You will hear me say it, you will read it as a Hashtag in my Tweets and Facebook posts, but more importantly: I am trying to live it every single day.

Do I get frustrated?  Yes.  I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t get frustrated.  But I am getting better at not allowing the FRUSTRATIONS to become WHO I AM.

I first spoke with Diamond Dallas Page (yes, the wrestler) back in December of 2011.  We’ve had numerous phone calls since then and I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with him in Atlanta, GA as well as his visits to Illinois.

I just wrapped up a FIVE-hour long seminar with him in LaSalle, Illinois at Hammer’s Energy Fitness where we did some INTENSE DDP YOGA training, but Dallas also shared his story on how he got to where he is today.

While I was there to take the next step in my DDP YOGA certification, I walked away a message I have heard plenty of times, but for some reason my ears were really ringing when I heard it again: You decide on how to OWN YOUR LIFE.  You can wake up and tell yourself it’s going to be another crappy day in the office or you can tell yourself you are going to go to work and knock your assignments out of the park so your boss will take notice.  Either way, you’ll be right.  YOU decide on how you react, adapt, breathe and take action.

You decide if you’re going to be happy, mad, grumpy, or if you’re simply going to fly off the handles.

Complementing my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with DDP YOGA has been the best decision I have made as it has taken the lifestyle that I was living to a whole new level.  Whether it’s the positions in jiu jitsu that I cannot escape or the DDP YOGA positions that challenge my balance, I know the more I work on them, the better I will become on and off the mats.

So what are you going to tell yourself when you roll out of bed in the morning? When you gear up for that meeting with your boss?

Don’t allow others to control your happiness.



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