Apr 162015

Frequency Martial Arts is growing and we’re not referring to the class sizes.

While the team is getting bigger, I look at the kids class and see a group of kids who are becoming more confident in talking and drilling techniques with new teammates. It’s awesome to see them from a distance be the first to extend a hand and introduce themselves to their newest teammate. This confidence and attitude will spillover into their lives off of the mats and will allow them to not only make friends but work well with co-workers when they enter the workforce.

As adults, it’s easy to become set in our ways and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you break out of your comfort zone. Training a physical sport that requires a lot of physical contact with people that you do not know, will get you out of your comfort zone in a hurry and will help you open your mind to other possibilities.  While you have a head instructor showing you to the concept of the techniques being drilled in the class, they are also helping you make adjustments so the moves can be customized to your skill sets.  Drilling these moves with your teammates of different body types and skill sets forces you to change your game as one sweep won’t work against everyone.

Taking that knowledge and applying it to your life off of the mats is priceless.  Whether you are looking at gaining confidence to walk into a room during an upcoming conference and greet total strangers or if you’re looking at new ways to get in shape; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can help you obtain the goals that you set.


Please feel free to check out our schedule for upcoming class times and stay up-to-date by checking out our NEWS section.

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