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2015-05-07 17.49.11As I sit down to write this blog, I have just wrapped up 3 full months of teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to kids at Frequency Martial Arts and I was blown away by tonight’s class.  When we lined up, I asked them to give themselves a huge round-of-applause for working as hard as they did in the class.

They not only worked hard individually, but they worked hard as a team drilling the techniques while listening and observing their teammates working on various drills.

Every parent that I meet, I always tell them that I wish my parents would have enrolled me into the martial arts when I was younger.  The benefits I would have received would have greatly outweighed any of the typical fears that parents have when it comes to enrolling their child into Martial Arts.

From increasing my self-confidence, helping me improve in the area of verbal-self-control, dealing with bullies – not just physically, but mentally.  Knowing that I could properly defend myself SHOULD the situation become physical, but knowing how to defuse the situation verbally would have kept me out of the principal’s office.

I have 10 students, two that I will refer to as my “Early Birds” as they are always the first two that arrive to the class.  From January through late April, when they would arrive, they would quickly change into their uniforms and then play tag on the mats.  They would run and flop on the mats or kick the exercise ball around the mats while we waited for class to start.

Now while I’m in the office taking care of the business side of the school I can hear them talking through the techniques that we have been drilling and when I take a quick glance up from my desk to see what they are up to; I can see them actually drilling and reviewing the lessons from the previous class.

They understand the importance of working with each other and the importance of doing the techniques correctly.  They also know that if they are having a “lazy class” they really aren’t helping their teammates improve.

While I am really excited about the progress on the mats, I’m really excited to hear from their parents how they performed during the 2nd half of the school year.

The lessons learned on the Jiu Jitsu mats will help prepare them for the various situations that are waiting for them out in the real world.  Whether it is the college entrance exam, asking the boss for a raise, or dealing with individuals that simply cannot take “NO” for an answer.

Here’s a great article by Jerry Tsui that I recommend you read as he shares his story on why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is great for kids.

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