Mar 142015

Frequency Martial Arts Kids Mach 12

When it comes to the development of children, it is truly amazing and even puzzling at times.

Are there setbacks and roadblocks in their development? Yes, but it is our job to help them overcome those setbacks by giving them the confidence they need.  Whether they wake up one morning and all of a sudden they have become afraid of the dark or they are having trouble with a bully at school.

Instilling the confidence in them so they know that there isn’t anything to be afraid of in their darkroom or reassuring them that they have the ability to safely protect themselves from the bully, will allow them to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.  Training at Frequency Martial Arts will help your child in so many ways that will carry over into their lives at home, school, playground and into their adult life.

Frequency Martial Arts started the kids program back in January of 2015 and we’ve seen our teammates grow with confidence.  Some students will come in not sure what to expect and they may not want to participate, but by the second week they are raising their hands to answer the questions being asked by the instructors or offering to demonstrate a technique.

We have heard from parents who have shared success stories of their children or grandchildren who are on the team.  Whether they are being better listeners, cleaning their rooms so they can be brought to class, improved the quality of their school work, or they simply had the confidence to walk into the convenience store on their own to make a purchase.

Frequency Martial Arts provides a fun atmosphere where the team learns Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while playing games.  Think about the Karate Kid, instead of having the kids wash and wax the car, sand the floor, paint the house and fence to learn self-defense skills, we are playing various games to give them the confidence that they will take with them wherever they may go in life.


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