Mar 022015

Frequency Martial Arts Acai SmoothieIn October of 2014 I was attending the 3rd Annual RMNU Camp in Tampa, Florida when I was introduced to the ACAI BOWL by John Graybeal and Mike Lavazza.  It was described to me as eating various fruit mix with either granola or oatmeal that came across as if I were eating ice cream.

Since one of the members of the RMNU family had set up shop to make FRESH Acai Bowls, I decided to give one a try and I am glad that I did.  It was loaded with bananas, acai puree, strawberries, topped with oatmeal and honey if my memory is correct (it’s been a few months and I needed to eat it FAST!!).  All I remember is that I bought one of the last two, some of my teammates really wanted one and it was amazing!!  It really was the best healthy food mash-up I’ve tried. (Taco Pizza = Cheat meal)

Well, now that I am back home in Illinois, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone selling Acai Bowls and since I’m a fan of doing smoothies, I wanted to switch my game up a bit.


1/3 Cup Coconut Water

1/2 Cup of Shambazon Acai Juice

1/2 Cup of Frozen Berry Blend – Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries (no the band)

1 Banana

Mix that in your blender of choice and you’re good!

While it isn’t the same as the Acai Bowl I had in Tampa, it filled me up!  I’m going to try blending in some oatmeal and honey on the next one I make.


  1. Try adding a hand full or two of fresh spinach. Blackberries also ( if the seeds don’t bother you. Apples or Pears. Oh man, I can go on and on. But definitely spinach or some dark leaf.

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