Apr 202015

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Frequency Martial Arts is working with a local radio station and their “Save on Bloomington” program.

We’re currently offering FOUR 2-Month UNLIMITED Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Packages WITH a GI for only $150!  That’s over a 50% savings!

The Radio Program allows the radio station to keep 100% of the profit from the discounted sale, but Frequency Martial Arts will receive 100% of the retail value to use for radio advertising.

I’d love for these to sell out this week so the advertising schedule can promote our open house on May 16 and to sweeten the deal, if you have a friend that has come to train and they buy the offer, we’ll toss in two one-hour private lessons for free!

Apr 162015

Frequency Martial Arts is growing and we’re not referring to the class sizes.

While the team is getting bigger, I look at the kids class and see a group of kids who are becoming more confident in talking and drilling techniques with new teammates. It’s awesome to see them from a distance be the first to extend a hand and introduce themselves to their newest teammate. This confidence and attitude will spillover into their lives off of the mats and will allow them to not only make friends but work well with co-workers when they enter the workforce.

As adults, it’s easy to become set in our ways and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you break out of your comfort zone. Training a physical sport that requires a lot of physical contact with people that you do not know, will get you out of your comfort zone in a hurry and will help you open your mind to other possibilities.  While you have a head instructor showing you to the concept of the techniques being drilled in the class, they are also helping you make adjustments so the moves can be customized to your skill sets.  Drilling these moves with your teammates of different body types and skill sets forces you to change your game as one sweep won’t work against everyone.

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Apr 062015

Frequency Martial Arts Degerberg May

Our friends at the Degerberg Academy in Chicago will be hosting a seminar with Professor Robson Moura. This is a great opportunity to learn and train with other teammates under Robson Moura Nations United.

Right now I am planning on making the trip Saturday, leaving Bloomington-Normal around 8:30a to allow for travel and traffic.


Mar 292015

Frequency Martial Arts Contact Widget

Please mark your calendar for Saturday May 16 as Frequency Martial Arts will be hosting our official Open House from 11a-1p.

In addition to having an open mat where you will be able to come and see the team working hard on improving their skills, this is a great opportunity to have your questions answered while entering to win great prizes from local businesses as well as memberships to Frequency Martial Arts.

Stay up-to-date on the May 16th Open House by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and by visiting our site on a regular basis.

Will will also be posting updates on prizes that will be given away every 20-minutes on our official event on Facebook, so please be sure to check out out OPEN HOUSE ON FACEBOOK!

Frequency BJJ Shield 2014 250UPDATED APRIL 14

Prizes Confirmed:
Gift Cards good for a year supply of Bread and Bagels from Panera Bread.
$20.00 Gift Card From Hy-Vee
Multiple Gift Cards from Rosati’s Pizza of Normal
Group Bowling Packages from Pheasant Lanes Family Fun Center
Free Smoothie Certificates from Smoothie King
An OlloClip for an iPhone 5 ($75 Value)

$10.00 OFF Q5 Supplements

Frequency Martial Arts April Open House

Mar 252015

Frequency Martial Arts DDP

Own Your Life.

You will hear me say it, you will read it as a Hashtag in my Tweets and Facebook posts, but more importantly: I am trying to live it every single day.

Do I get frustrated?  Yes.  I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t get frustrated.  But I am getting better at not allowing the FRUSTRATIONS to become WHO I AM.

I first spoke with Diamond Dallas Page (yes, the wrestler) back in December of 2011.  We’ve had numerous phone calls since then and I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with him in Atlanta, GA as well as his visits to Illinois.

I just wrapped up a FIVE-hour long seminar with him in LaSalle, Illinois at Hammer’s Energy Fitness where we did some INTENSE DDP YOGA training, but Dallas also shared his story on how he got to where he is today.

While I was there to take the next step in my DDP YOGA certification, I walked away a message I have heard plenty of times, but for some reason my ears were really ringing when I heard it again: You decide on how to OWN YOUR LIFE.  You can wake up and tell yourself it’s going to be another crappy day in the office or you can tell yourself you are going to go to work and knock your assignments out of the park so your boss will take notice.  Either way, you’ll be right.  YOU decide on how you react, adapt, breathe and take action.

You decide if you’re going to be happy, mad, grumpy, or if you’re simply going to fly off the handles.

Complementing my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with DDP YOGA has been the best decision I have made as it has taken the lifestyle that I was living to a whole new level.  Whether it’s the positions in jiu jitsu that I cannot escape or the DDP YOGA positions that challenge my balance, I know the more I work on them, the better I will become on and off the mats.

So what are you going to tell yourself when you roll out of bed in the morning? When you gear up for that meeting with your boss?

Don’t allow others to control your happiness.



Mar 142015

Frequency Martial Arts Kids Mach 12

When it comes to the development of children, it is truly amazing and even puzzling at times.

Are there setbacks and roadblocks in their development? Yes, but it is our job to help them overcome those setbacks by giving them the confidence they need.  Whether they wake up one morning and all of a sudden they have become afraid of the dark or they are having trouble with a bully at school.

Instilling the confidence in them so they know that there isn’t anything to be afraid of in their darkroom or reassuring them that they have the ability to safely protect themselves from the bully, will allow them to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.  Training at Frequency Martial Arts will help your child in so many ways that will carry over into their lives at home, school, playground and into their adult life. Continue reading »

Mar 122015

Frequency Martial Arts Mach 12We wrapped up the first half of March with another great class at Frequency Martial Arts with Professor Mike Lavazza!  A lot of time has been put in on the mats by all of the teammates who are helping each other get better and it shows!

Congratulations to Kurt McCormick, Jeremy Butler and Caleb Bankord on receiving their FIRST of many stripes that they will collect on their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journey!



Frequency Martial Arts Mach 12 KurtKurt McCormick Frequency Martial Arts Mach 12 JeremyJeremy Butler Frequency Martial Arts Mach 12 CalebCaleb Bankord
Mar 022015

Frequency Martial Arts Acai SmoothieIn October of 2014 I was attending the 3rd Annual RMNU Camp in Tampa, Florida when I was introduced to the ACAI BOWL by John Graybeal and Mike Lavazza.  It was described to me as eating various fruit mix with either granola or oatmeal that came across as if I were eating ice cream.

Since one of the members of the RMNU family had set up shop to make FRESH Acai Bowls, I decided to give one a try and I am glad that I did.  It was loaded with bananas, acai puree, strawberries, topped with oatmeal and honey if my memory is correct (it’s been a few months and I needed to eat it FAST!!).  All I remember is that I bought one of the last two, some of my teammates really wanted one and it was amazing!!  It really was the best healthy food mash-up I’ve tried. (Taco Pizza = Cheat meal)

Well, now that I am back home in Illinois, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone selling Acai Bowls and since I’m a fan of doing smoothies, I wanted to switch my game up a bit. Continue reading »