Jul 142015

Frequency Martial Arts Jeff Mitchell VisitFrequency Martial Arts is honored to have Professor Jeff Mitchell of Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Newark, Delaware joining us on September 10 and 11 for TWO 2-hour sessions each evening from 6 to 8.

With over 14-years of experience, Professor Mitchell isn’t a newcomer to Bloomington-Normal as he has been to Central Illinois several times with Professor Robson Moura, most recently for the filming of the REQUIREMENTS 2.0 DVDS.

He will be bringing his knowledge to Frequency Martial Arts where his attention to detail will help you improve on the mats while not overwhelming you with information.

Here is an interview that I did with Professor Mitchell last October during the 3rd Annual RMNU Camp in Tampa, Florida where he shares his thoughts on BJJ:  CLICK HERE.

Space is limited so please contact us to book your spots for these seminars and take advantage of the special 2 seminar price.

Early registration (BY AUGUST 10) is $65 per class or $100 to attend both for Frequency Martial Arts Teammates.




Early registration (BY AUGUST 10) is $80 per class or $130 to attend both for all other affiliates.




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Jun 102015

Frequency Martial Arts June 9 2015 Jeff LynnCongratulations to White Belt Jeff Lynn and Green Belt Chuck Smith on earning their respective first stripes from Professor Mike Lavazza!

While stripes and belt promotions do not come often in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, when they do come, they are well deserved.

Every stripe represents the hard work that you have put in to make yourself better on the mats, but they also represent your time in helping the rest of the team get better.Frequency Martial Arts June 9 2015 Chuck Smith

Congratulations once again and thank you for making us all better as you work towards achieving your goals!


May 172015

Frequency Martial Arts Large Circle Only

On Saturday May 16, 2015 Frequency Martial Arts held our official open house where the team took part in a 2-hour open mat session to work on the various techniques that they have been working on in class.

Visitors to the Open House were entered into a drawing to win various prizes from supporting local businesses and we announced that Powerhouse Thai was joining the team by offering Boxing and Muay Thai on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 to 9.

If you missed out on the Open House, please feel free to contact us to start your journey to a healthier life!


Here are just some of the photos from the open house.




May 072015

2015-05-07 17.49.11As I sit down to write this blog, I have just wrapped up 3 full months of teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to kids at Frequency Martial Arts and I was blown away by tonight’s class.  When we lined up, I asked them to give themselves a huge round-of-applause for working as hard as they did in the class.

They not only worked hard individually, but they worked hard as a team drilling the techniques while listening and observing their teammates working on various drills.

Every parent that I meet, I always tell them that I wish my parents would have enrolled me into the martial arts when I was younger.  The benefits I would have received would have greatly outweighed any of the typical fears that parents have when it comes to enrolling their child into Martial Arts.

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Apr 292015

Frequency Martial Arts April Open House


Please mark your calendar for Saturday May 16 as Frequency Martial Arts will be hosting our official Open House from 11a-1p.

In addition to having an open mat where you will be able to come and see the team working hard on improving their skills, this is a great opportunity to have your questions answered while entering to win great prizes from local businesses as well as memberships to Frequency Martial Arts.

Stay up-to-date on the May 16th Open House by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and by visiting our site on a regular basis.

Will will also be posting updates on prizes that will be given away every 20-minutes on our official event on Facebook, so please be sure to check out out OPEN HOUSE ON FACEBOOK!

Frequency BJJ Shield 2014 250Prizes Confirmed:
Gift Cards good for a year supply of Bread and Bagels from Panera Bread.
$20.00 Gift Card From Hy-Vee
Multiple Gift Cards from Rosati’s Pizza of Normal
Group Bowling Packages from Pheasant Lanes Family Fun Center
Free Smoothie Certificates from Smoothie King
An OlloClip for an iPhone 5 ($75 Value)


$10.00 OFF Q5 Supplements

96-7 I-ROCK will be broadcasting from 11a-1p from the school and they will be awarding a pair of tickets to see SEETHER on May 22 in Peoria!

Apr 202015

Frequency Martial Arts Contact Widget

Frequency Martial Arts is working with a local radio station and their “Save on Bloomington” program.

We’re currently offering FOUR 2-Month UNLIMITED Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Packages WITH a GI for only $150!  That’s over a 50% savings!

The Radio Program allows the radio station to keep 100% of the profit from the discounted sale, but Frequency Martial Arts will receive 100% of the retail value to use for radio advertising.

I’d love for these to sell out this week so the advertising schedule can promote our open house on May 16 and to sweeten the deal, if you have a friend that has come to train and they buy the offer, we’ll toss in two one-hour private lessons for free!

Apr 162015

Frequency Martial Arts is growing and we’re not referring to the class sizes.

While the team is getting bigger, I look at the kids class and see a group of kids who are becoming more confident in talking and drilling techniques with new teammates. It’s awesome to see them from a distance be the first to extend a hand and introduce themselves to their newest teammate. This confidence and attitude will spillover into their lives off of the mats and will allow them to not only make friends but work well with co-workers when they enter the workforce.

As adults, it’s easy to become set in our ways and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you break out of your comfort zone. Training a physical sport that requires a lot of physical contact with people that you do not know, will get you out of your comfort zone in a hurry and will help you open your mind to other possibilities.  While you have a head instructor showing you to the concept of the techniques being drilled in the class, they are also helping you make adjustments so the moves can be customized to your skill sets.  Drilling these moves with your teammates of different body types and skill sets forces you to change your game as one sweep won’t work against everyone.

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Apr 062015

Frequency Martial Arts Degerberg May

Our friends at the Degerberg Academy in Chicago will be hosting a seminar with Professor Robson Moura. This is a great opportunity to learn and train with other teammates under Robson Moura Nations United.

Right now I am planning on making the trip Saturday, leaving Bloomington-Normal around 8:30a to allow for travel and traffic.