Robson Moura Nations United


Website: North Dallas MMA
Professor: JD Shelley

“JD Shelley, is an extremely functional martial arts and tactical instructor. His skills are well known throughout the world, as his ability to incorporate effective self-defense techniques from several disciplines at once is practically unmatched.


Website: Zombie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Head Instructor: Joseph Tonche

“Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals program is a 10 week curriculum designed to take you from having zero knowledge about ground fighting to being a well rounded grappler.

You do not need any previous experience and you do not need to be in shape to start our beginners program.”


Website: Head Rush Training Center
Professor: Domenic Passero

“Formerly known as Grants MMA Gym, we are now excited to announce that we are called Headrush Training Center!

Toronto MMA gym – Grants MMA was established in 2009 by a group of 3 MMA enthusiasts and practitioners who felt there was a void missing in the local Toronto MMA community of how an MMA gym should be run.”


Website: Heat MMA
Head Instructor: Justin McGibbon

“We are a Mixed Martial Arts Academy based in the heart of Antrim. We pride ourselves in providing our students with the latest trends in technique and skill sets. Our team are here to help you grow as a student, whether you choose to be a professional fighter or merely as a lifestyle change. Our trainers are all CRB checked and further to that we like to encourage the parents to participate so their children can see the benefits it can bring on living a healthy confident lifestyle.”

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